Let me start by saying that having one of these summons no real emotions from me, positive or negative. Personally, I’m fine either way, I’m just telling you what I know, and what people tell me.

I talk to a lot of people, and while there is probably more interest at present within the perimeter with the drama around the Winnipeg Jets’ Evander Kane than there is with the upcoming mayoral election, there is still one word (two?) that comes up all the time.

Water. Park. People still want one. The only thing that doesn’t exist yet won’t go away. Orange is the New Black, and a water park is the new IKEA.

Again, this is not me saying that we need a waterpark. What I am saying though, is that PEOPLE are saying we need a waterpark. I’m just the messenger.

I am well aware that priorities in this town are potholes, budgets, snow removal, infrastructure, crime, transparency etc., and of course those things should dominate mayoral platforms.

I am also very aware that people want fun, fun for many is a waterpark, and they’ll go somewhere else to get that fun if they can’t find it where they live.

Ace Burpee is a local writer, radio show host, producer and supporter of all things good.

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