Alyssa McDonald/Metro A number of Saskatchewan's cold-temperature records were broken over the weekend, but Environment Canada says warm weather is in store for the upcoming week.

Once more, with snow.

It’s official. Environment Canada has declared this the coldest spring in Saskatchewan in 113 years.

And it’s not over yet. Those meteorological madmen are forecasting more snow over the next couple of days before we finally get to some nice weather toward the end of the week.

It’s hard to believe, but those same sadists predict May and June will be warmer than normal.

Very hard to believe.

Fortunately, Saskatchewan refuses to lose its faith. Like the first robin, the intrepid folks at the Landing Golf Resort near Swift Current aren’t waiting around for some vague promise of warmth and opened the course over the weekend. Nearly a full month after last year, but they opened the course. It’s theoretically possible to go golfing, at least if there’s not another freaking blizzard…

This time of year, Mother Nature often switches on spring with a casual flip. Possible snow today, possible plus 20 and sunny by the end of the week. Relief is tantalizingly near.

Just keep in mind that “possible” works both ways.

If you’re looking for a reason that this has been the coldest spring in 113 years, you need only look south, where the warm American air was halted at the border by a high-pressure system drooping down from the Arctic like a giant icicle and blocking its entrance.

The Giant Icicle Effect is coupled with the Smothering Blanket of Snow Syndrome: The fact that there is more snow on the ground at this time of year than ever before and snow reflects sunlight, preventing it from warming up the cold, cold ground.

You’d be forgiven for believing that the weather gods have it in for Saskatchewan. The average temperature in March and April has been -8.9 C. That’s 12 degrees less than it was last year! Is that even possible?

There is a glass-half-full perspective on this, if you’re thirsty for good news: It was after all, 12 degrees warmer last year. It could be 12 degrees warmer again next year. This could be a freak season, the likes of which won’t be seen again for 113 years.

Apart from the cockeyed optimists, the weather is warming the cold-blooded hearts of the creatures at, who believe we’re on the verge of a winter that will last 11,500 years, despite whatever those misguided climate scientists try to tell us about global warming. Scary thought.

Let’s just hope Mother Nature remembers where to find the spring switch and flips it on, preferably before the weekend.

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