If you’re wondering why people don’t trust politicians anymore, you might find a clue in the zippy shutdown of the Kitsilano coast guard station.

First, the Harper Government (HG trademark registered) said the station wasn’t needed. This in spite of the 350 calls a year fielded by the base. That’s nearly a call a day from someone on the water who needs help.

Then the HG said the Richmond station can handle the extra calls. Richmond is 17 nautical miles away from English Bay. Hope they’ve got a fast boat.

Then the HG said it would add a couple of Zodiacs to HMCS Discovery, spurring visions of rescuers doing a Zodiac portage under the Stanley Park causeway, and then ruffling the feathers of the swans in Lost Lagoon as they make their determined way toward English Bay.

Then the HG said it would close the base in the spring, so everybody braced themselves for a spring closure.

Then the HG jumped the gun and closed the station down last Tuesday, 30 days away from the vernal equinox, i.e. “spring.” Well, said an HG spokesperson, in

Vancouver springtime comes in February, so you guys are always saying.

The HG said that closing the base would save $700,000 a year. Then we learned they’re about to invest $6.6 million in a coast guard station in Burin, N.L., population 2,470. The population of Metro Vancouver? Exactly 1,000 times more at 2,463,700.

Then another HG shoe drops. A memo surfaces that seems to show the HG making a deal with a First Nation to turn the land over to them, land suspiciously near a high-rise development planned by the Squamish First Nation at the south end of the Burrard Bridge.

So …

What’s going on here? Is there a secret land deal? Does Stephen Harper like Newfoundland better than Vancouver? Why is the HG so adamant about saving $700,000 a year, when it thinks nothing of spending anywhere from $75-$150 million for a single fighter jet?

You could buy the entire fleet of coast guard Zodiacs for $150 million and still have enough left over to spend the $1 million needed to transport the prime minister’s bulletproof limo to India, a nation which apparently can’t be trusted to have sufficiently advanced bulletproof technology.

When there are too many explanations, there aren’t any. It is said you can tell a politician is lying when his or her lips move.

On this one, no one’s even stopping to take a breath.

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