1. The Iconic Image: Couple Kissing During Riots

It was an absolutely horrible Wednesday night in Vancouver. The Canucks lost Game 7 to Boston and then the riots happened downtown. But the ray of sunshine was an image snapped by a photographer of a couple lying on a tear-gas filled street making out, with riot police in the fore and background. It’s gone viral, and now the whole world is wondering who this mystery couple is.

2. Dirk

The lone superstar of the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, outplays the superstar trio of LeBron James/Dwayne Wade/Chris Bosh to lead the Mavs to their first NBA title. A dynasty does not begin in Miami. Dirk, meanwhile… well, he’s now recognizable by one name (take that “LeBron”), and will go down as one of the Top 20 best players of all time.

3. Can I Be Your Friend?

A man decides to test the etiquette of Twitter and Facebook in the real world by approaching strangers with lines like, “Can I be your friend?”, “Can I write on your wall?”,  “Could I poke you?”, “I’m going to follow you”. The video he makes is hilarious, and now has more than 700,000 views already on YouTube.

4. Alice’s Bucket List

A 15-year-old girl with terminal cancer has become an inspiration to the whole world. She has started a blog, Alice’s Bucket List, which lists the many things she still wants to do with her time on Earth. Some tangible, some a dream. Such as: “to make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor, to swim with sharks, to go to Kenya (I can’t travel there now but I wanted to).” As she says on her blog, “You only have one life … live it!”. So true.

5. A book on Charlie Sheen?

Denise Richards is writing a tell-all memoir about her marriage — and nasty divorce — to Charlie Sheen to be released late July. And then she’ll likely go on a tour. But here’s hoping it’s nothing like her ex’s Violent Torpedo of Truth tour disaster.

6. Air Canada Strike Over!

The feds announced back-to-work legislation, and soon after Air Canada and the Canadian Autoworkers Union reached a tentative deal. And across Canada, striking customer service agents at airports were screaming with delight. The flying public is about to get their best customer service ever with the good mood these agents are in.

7. Reality TV Gets Real

Many thought that Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed were just putting us on when they went on television this week and talked about the disintegration of their relationship. But it wasn’t just a ratings ploy to get us to watch the season premiere of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Their relationship is, in fact, coming apart due to his philandering, and watching that episode was one of the more painful, awkward episodes of reality TV ever. Period.

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