1 Royal wedding:  Two billion people watched Will and Kate tie the knot  – and Pippa Middleton’s derriere become world famous.

2 Steve Jobs: The visionary Apple co-founder died at age 56, having led a dramatic cultural and technological transformation.

3 Lindsay Lohan:  Lohan salvaged a terrible year with the law – and her career — by appearing on Playboy’s bestselling cover (which also made Playboy relevant again).

4 Lady Gaga: She arrived at the Grammys being carried in a huge egg. Which is what you do when you’re trying really hard to be cool.

5 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: They break up — and in keeping with relationship etiquette in the Social Media Age, unfollow each other on Twitter.

6 Kim Kardashian: The woman famous for no reason has a marriage that only lasts 72 days for some reason. Oh yeah – it was her naked yoga instructor.

7 Weinergate: Congressman Anthony Weiner tweets a photo of his penis by mistake, resulting in countless “wiener” jokes, a scandal – and, naturally, his resignation.

8 Margaret Atwood: A public feud between Atwood and Toronto city councillor Doug Ford (Mayor Rob’s older bro) leads to a cheeky “Atwood for Mayor” campaign.

9 Amy Winehouse: Joins the “27 club,” a group of seminal musicians like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison who died at age 27.

10  Martha Stewart:
 Martha Stewart tweets, “Do you think I am hip?” That’s one of the tweets of the year.

11 Kate Gosselin: Her reality show is cancelled, and her kids now live in peace. As one blog noted,  “(The kids) know not the craven greed machine they were plugged into.” 

12 Tim Tebow: The devout Christian NFL QB with an unorthodox throwing style who people keep saying will fail just keeps winning. And Tebowmania and “Tebowing” goes viral.

13 Charlie Sheen: After getting fired from Two and a Half Men, the troubled Sheen launches a bizarre Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour. Thankfully, he’s off whatever Kool-Aid he was on.

14  @bronxzoocobra: A cobra escapes a zoo and someone creates a hilarious Twitter account that goes viral, tweeting its time on the run. (Other awesome Twitter accounts like @S–tGirlsSay also go viral this year.)

15  Piers Morgan: Morgan replaces the legendary Larry King on CNN but has the makings of a legend himself with his intelligent hardball-with-a-cheeky-grin Q & A style.

16  Kissing Couple: During the riots in Vancouver, post-NHL final, an image of a couple lying on a tear-gas-filled street having a tender kiss with riot police around gets circulated throughout the world – becoming one of 2011’s iconic images.

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