1. Super (Ad) Bowl: The big game is this Sunday between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, but what 150 million-plus viewers will really be watching are the multimillion-dollar TV ads. As for the game? I’ve got the Giants by three.

2. I Hate Everyone: No, not me. It’s a new book by Matthew DiBenedetti called I Have Everyone, which covers everything “from rich people who are dicks, to guys named Rich who go by Dick.”  Sounds like a book you’ll hate to love. Or love to hate. Also follow him on Twitter @whatihatetoday. Sample tweet: “I HATE when my DVR cuts off the last 30 seconds of the show.” Amen, brother.

3. ‘Destroy America’ tweet: Two British friends were detained by Homeland Security after landing in L.A. for a vacay for tweeting they would “destroy America.” The pair said “destroy” is slang for partying, but it was to no avail. They were refused entry to the U.S. No word on whether they watched Team America on the plane ride back to Britain the next day.

4. The River: ABC’s new paranormal drama about a doctor (played by Canada’s Bruce Greenwood) who goes missing deep in the Amazon debuts next Tuesday and is being called one of the scariest shows. Ever. Definitely one of the most hyped. They already have 200,000 fans on their Facebook page, and the show hasn’t even started.

5. PJs go outside: With pyjamas as outdoor wear becoming a worldwide trend, clothing companies are stocking up on comfy apparel that’s taking the indoors out. Some cities and school districts are trying to ban PJs as outdoor wear while others ask what the big deal is. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I need to sleep on it … in my jeans and plaid shirt.

6. Facebook IPO: Facebook, which has a valuation of somewhere between $75 and $100 billion, is filing the necessary papers to allow it to go public. FB has more than 800 million users, or one-seventh of the world’s entire population. When there is a Facebook IPO, its employees are going to be stinking rich. Is it too late to apply for an internship, Mr. Zuckerberg?

7. Tennis’s near-six-hour marathon: In an Australian Open final that was just as exhausting to watch, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic defeated Spain’s Rafael Nadal 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5), 7-5 in an epic, five-hour, 53-minute match – the longest Grand Slam singles final in tennis’s open era. The next time my best-of-three doubles Ping-Pong match goes to a final set, I won’t complain.

8. I Mother Earth: The Canadian alt-rock band recently ended an eight-year hiatus by announcing they were playing a one-off show at The Sound Academy in Toronto in March. This week they tweeted out @IMENation2012 that “IME sells out @soundacademy 5 hrs into public sale.” As they asked on their IME blog, “The question now becomes: What do we do next?” A tour!?

9. My wife = 40: My amazing wife, Christi, said no surprises on her birthday. So I’m not going to surprise her at all by wishing her a happy 40th birthday (it’s on Feb. 8) in a newspaper column that goes across Canada. No way.

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