1  Jann Arden kicked off train: The singer tweeted her anger via @jannarden to VIA Rail after they asked her to disembark for having her dog Midi with her in a carrier (which is against VIA’s rules). Some agreed with Arden and thought she was being a Good Mother; others said she was being Insensitive to those with allergies. It’s a doggone world.

2  Bachelor finale: Winemaker Ben did what every female on the face of the planet didn’t want him to do on the finale – pick evil Courtney over girl-next-door Lindzi. Now you know what it’s like, ladies, when you pick the “bad boys” to date over the nice ones. Oh, right, you marry them. Ask my wife. (I’m nice now. She converted me.)

Manteresting.com: It’s the alpha-male version of the enormously successful online social-media site Pinterest, and goes by the tagline “Interesting. Man. Things.” So far it’s a lot of pics of chicks in bikinis, professional athletes, gadgets and BBQ stuff. In other words, the ultimate mancave bookmarking site.

4  Robert Herjavec: CBC’s Dragons’ Den is losing one of its star dragons, as the affable Herjavec has decided not to return next season after six years with the show. The search for a new dragon is underway. I once invested 50 cents in a lemonade stand in Grade 2 and it turned a $5 profit in one day. Perfect candidate.

5  Biebernapping: A life-sized cutout of the Biebs was “kidnapped” at a Booster Juice in Winnipeg, a place Bieber visited last year. The owner is offering a $25 Booster Juice, gift card as a reward for whoever returns it undamaged. I don’t know what’s worse – that the life-size cutout was stolen, or that this actually made the news.

6  House-party-gone-viral a bust: Calgary high school student Hunter Mills tweeted about his buddy Kris Morrey’s upcoming party using the hashtag #projectkris, a play on the film Project X, which features a huge house party. The tweet went viral, trending around the globe. Mills wisely chose a new location for the weekend party, a night club. So there was no Animal House. And Morrey is not grounded forever. However, the teen is receiving threats after the party flopped.

@rentagrandmacom: It sounds like a parody account but it’s actually the Twitter handle for Rentagrandma.com, a U.S. service that allows you to hire a grandma to babysit your kids instead of a teenager. Child care is vital to Mom and Dad when they’re out on date night, and who’s more responsbile than a Grandma, right? Grandpa better not show up and raid the liquor cabinet, though.

8  Chris Kaman’s Bobcat: The NBA centre for the New Orleans Hornets tweeted “Guess who we r playing tonight?!” with a picture of him holding a dead bobcat in his driveway this week before a game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Two things Kaman has since heard: One, that’s some mighty weird trash talk, and, two, your Hornets went out and lost to the Bobcats.

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