The Associated Press/Jonathan Short British actor Sacha Baron Cohen arrives for the world premiere of The Dictator on Thursday in London.

1  Steve (GM) Nash: Canada’s men’s national basketball team is in great hands after the announcement that two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has been named general manager. What would make things even sweeter is if the Victoria native, who is a free agent this off-season, signs with the Toronto Raptors. Captain Canada. Captain Toronto.

2  Walk a mile in her shoes: This International Men’s March to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence gives men, women and families the opportunity to raise awareness in their communities about the impact of sexualized violence by walking in women’s high-heeled shoes.

Join a walk in your community or start your own by visiting

3  The Dictator: Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen is a dictator from the Republic of Wadiya and appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this week with a handful of guards, and made some threatening remarks. Luckily General Aladeen is actually actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who was promoting his new comedy The Dictator, which opens May 16. Go see it. It will be a riot.

4  Emily is back: Emily Maynard, whose romance with former bachelor Brad Womack did not work out after he proposed to her, is the new Bachelorette. It premieres Monday May 14, and suitors include a data destruction specialist  — fitting for the show, perhaps, with its high percentage of failed romances. Heck, even its host Chris Harrison recently announced he’s splitting from his wife.

5  Mark Zuckerberg’s b-day: Billionaire boy Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook — one of the most powerful brands on the planet  (and soon to go IPO) — turns the ripe old age of 28 this Sunday. Before he hits 30, I predict Zuckerberg will create a transporter that will beam us up to other planets. We can share those planetary pics on Facebook.

6  Desperate Housewives finale: The now iconic Wisteria Lane will be no more after this Sunday when Desperate Housewives bids adieu to fans in a two-hour finale. Many former cast members will be returning for this tear-fest. The only consolation is knowing that there are still so many real-life desperate housewives we can continue to gossip about.

7  Klout:, a social app that measures your social media reach, is all the talk right now with the cool kids. If you have a high ‘klout’ score (the highest you can get is 100 — only Justin Bieber has that), the more influential you are online. I have no idea what my ‘klout’ score is, but please follow me @neilmorton, tweet at me, and re-tweet my tweets and I won’t be as scared to look.

8  Chris Rumble: This leukemia patient/young filmmaker/hero at Seattle Children’s Hospital created an amazing video, Stronger: Seattle Children’s Hospital starring (and empowering) fellow cancer patients who are going through painful chemotherapy. Performed to Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger, the video has gone viral on YouTube this week. Brilliant.

9  Copenhagen Philharmonic … in the subway: The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra did a terrific flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro subway, and the video already has nearly a million views this week. With flash mobs becoming ubiquitous, I’m thinking of starting a 24-7 flash mob that never stops flash-mobbing in a grand social experiment. Watch out.

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