Svjetlana Mlinarevic Grilled Pork Vermicelli.

Simply Viet Restaurant

1609 Pembina Hwy

Rating. 4.5/5
Price range. $499 – $9.50
Business lunch. Yes
Lunch with co-workers. Yes
Social lunch. No
Quick solo lunch. Yes
Reservations. No

Having a hankering for Vietnamese food, I decided to try Simply Viet on Pembina.

The restaurant has a modern black and white decor interspersed with images of cherry blossoms and bamboo.

Walls depicting its Pho Challenge brought an element of fun while dining.

The Wall of Shame is a testament to the 50 men who failed to eat an Olympic sized bowl of pho, while the Wall of Fame holds the lone image of a 100 lb. girl who finished her pho in 19 minutes. Awesome.

So what did I eat while there? The Deluxe Summer Rolls ($6.99), which were bursting with noodles, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, shrimp and pork, hit with the refreshing taste of basil. Also delicious was the crispy coconut and shrimp Vietnamese Pancake ($8.99), and the Grilled Pork Vermicelli ($8.50) with thin pork slices grilled to a candied perfection.

The portion sizes are large and can easily feed two people, so bring your appetite.

Simply put, Simply Viet is simply wonderful.

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