Metro/Handout Great Lake Swimmers will perform music from the 2012 release New Wild Everywhere Thursday at Aeolian Hall.

On Thursday night, Great Lake Swimmers return to London, performing at a sold-out Aeolian Hall.

If you ask local fans of the band they’ll be quick to tell you it’s the venue to see the Toronto indie group live.

“They recorded an album there,” they’ll say.

And it’s true, in 2007 the band recorded most of its popular release Ongiara at the hall, a claim to fame the Forest City won’t soon forget.

The point is, Great Lake Swimmers have a history in London.

The band’s frontman and creative force, Tony Dekker, is a Western graduate and its longtime producer, Andy Magoffin, kept his studio, The House of Miracles, based in the city for years.

Today, Dekker calls Toronto home and the band’s latest album New Wild Everywhere includes a track recorded on the deserted subway platform of Lower Bay Station.

The song The Great Exhale is one example of Great Lake Swimmer’s affinity for location recordings, opting for alternative spaces, churches, halls and the great outdoors, over a traditional studio experience.

That’s what drew Dekker to Aeolian five years ago.

“It’s just something about the acoustics in that space,” Dekker said.

Thursday’s return to his old stomping grounds is a welcome date on a busy tour schedule, Dekker said.

“It’s kind of nice to know a little bit about what we’re getting into, about what to expect,” Dekker said.  “It’s always a really special show at Aeolian.”

Great Lake Swimmers will be joined at the hall by Peterborough band The Kindness Killers.

“They do this really cool old-timey music,” Dekker said.

“I first met them at a festival in St. John’s. I was sitting in the back of the room and they were playing these old cover songs, and it made me feel like I had my own personal jukebox.”

“We’re excited to have them along with us,” he added.

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