The Sheepdogs are playing five sold-out shows in Atlantic Canada, including two this weekend in Halifax at The Seahorse.

A Cinderella story ripped from the movies: A band schleps around on tour aboard a rickety old bus in the end achieving the ultimate thrill – getting on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
Sometimes art imitates life. After six grueling years of touring, a rock band from Saskatoon, Sask., – The Sheepdogs – beat out 15 contenders to become the first unsigned band to make it on the cover of Rolling Stone.

“We were picked to be in the Choose the Cover Contest and it revolved around fans voting online,” said front man, Ewan Currie.

“There’d be tracks and footage of us performing in front of judges in New York uploaded and the fans cut it down from 16 bands to eight – eight to four – and then four to two.”

According to Rolling Stone, more than 1.5 million people voted online.

After spending a summer auditioning, the boys graced the Aug. 18 edition.

Taking no time to rest on their laurels, The Sheepdogs recently completed the stateside run of their Learn & Burn tour and are several cities into the Canadian leg, packing in 24 shows in 26 days.

“We’re trying to play to as many people as possible,” Currie shared. “(Rolling Stone) was a great opportunity but nothing is guaranteed. You still have to put the work in so that’s what we’re doing.”

Wrapping up the tour Dec. 21, the boys are set to be back in the studio to record under Atlantic Records, a recording deal that was the cherry atop their win with Rolling Stone.

“It’s a big step for us signing with Atlantic Records,” Currie said.

“There are uncertainties going in knowing everyone is waiting to see what we have next on deck.”

We wait with breath that is baited.

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