Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew

Jets enthusiasts who like their Budweiser can now hold the “pride, passion and energy” of Winnipeg fans in their hands ‘ while supplies last.

The Budweiser Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew is now available at Tavern United before and after Jets games, and will go on sale to the general public Monday.

Dan Chubey, district sales manager with Labatt Breweries, which makes Budweiser in Canada, says this is the first time they’ve done something this targeted before.

The brew was made from water collected from various iconic spots and poured into large containers. Those containers were then taken around Winnipeg to be “blessed” by Jets fans by pouring their good thoughts and energy into the water.

The water was then shipped to Edmonton where it was brewed into 24,000 12-pack cases of Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew.

The beer will go on sale at MLCC locations. Chubey said he expects the beer to sell fast.

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