Bernice Pontanilla/Metro A Winnipeg Police Service cruiser is seen in this file photo.

Winnipeg police have released their list of people charged with impaired driving over the 2013/14 holiday season under the Checkstop program.

None of the charges have been proven in court.

Connor James MASSEY               19 years, Winnipeg
Jeremy LANE                                 28 years, Winnipeg
Hannah STARR                             20 years, Winnipeg
Daniel Francis HAUER                  36 years, Winnipeg
Ralph BUECHLER                         58 years, Winnipeg
Michael DOUGLAS                        31 years. Winnipeg
Adrian BICZOK                               37 years, Winnipeg
Adam KENNY                                 34 years, Winnipeg
John JENKINS                                33 years, NFA
Michael James HEATON               18 years, Winnipeg
Peter JEREMA                               61 years, Anola
Todd Clayton HUZEL                     52 years, St. Laurent
Michael Ryan SIWICKI                   23 years, Winnipeg
Joshua James HARDER                21 years, Winnipeg
Charmaine BIRD                            19 years, Winnipeg
Ivjot Dingh LITT                              29 years, Winnipeg
Nathaniel SIMARD                          21 years, Winnipeg
Igor NTARUNGU                            23 years, Winnipeg
Ben Stuart FLEISHMANN               30 years, Winnipeg
Laurie Lee SIMMONS                     45 years. Winnipeg
Dean LASH                                     48 years, Winnipeg
Darryl DUECK                                 46 years, Beausejour
Michael CHRUSCH                         49 years, Winnipeg
Dennis LECLAIR                              64 years, Winnipeg
Tarrick DELORME                           25 years, Winnipeg
Kun BAEK                                        34 years, Winnipeg
Zila Damaris HERNANDEZA           32 years, Winnipeg
Alicia Florence MAYHAM                 26 years, Winnipeg
Jason BOULETTE                           39 years, Winnipeg
Ryan Adam POERSCH                    29 years, Winnipeg
Keith Lee BEARDY                          32 years, Winnipeg
Kenneth CARLSON                         63 years, Winnipeg
Vladimir VLADIMIRSKI                     27 years, Winnipeg
James Eldor STEVENS                   60 years, Winnipeg
Wallace Trent SINCLAIR                 50 years, Winnipeg
Kenneth Francis VILLENEUVE        60 years, Winnipeg
Eric MCLELLAN                               18 years, Winnipeg
Jaclyn Michelle ALBERT                  29 years, Winnipeg
Roberta May HENDERSON             39 years, Winnipeg
Roger LODER                                  57 years, Winnipeg
Nicholas RENWICK                          21 years, Winnipeg
Darren CHARD                                 38 years, Winnipeg
Rayven PHILLIPS                             18 years, Winnipeg
Jeffrey BLOODWORTH                    49 years, Winnipeg
Raymond HOTOMANI                       29 years, Winnipeg
Tarlok SINGH                                    23 years, Winnipeg
Michael CHURNYK                           29 years, Winnipeg
Victor VERESHTCHAK                     47 years, Winnipeg
Alexi Anne HANSEN                         19 years, Winnipeg
James Albert MILLICAN                    66 years, Winnipeg
Candyce PELLETIER                       32 years, Winnipeg
Louis Edward HABINSKI                  54 years, Winnipeg
Josephine Amy DUMAS                   24 years, Winnipeg
Curtis WERBENIUK                         34 years, Winnipeg