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“Go, Jets, go!”

It’s more than just a chant often heard in Winnipeg these days ‘ it’s also become the inspiration for a documentary film looking closely at the passion of Winnipeg Jets fans.

Cousins Marshall and Jeff Stevenson, founders of the fan site, are taking a road trip to watch Winnipeg’s new NHL team play across North America and they’re turning it into a movie.

The two former Winnipeggers, who now live in Calgary, feel the documentary ‘ currently titled Jet Fuel ‘ is an important project as each felt the pain when the Jets left the city for Phoenix in 1996.

“There are many passionate fans across the country and across the world,” said Marshall Stevenson in a phone interview yesterday. “It’s really to illustrate that when you’re passionate about something, there is no stopping you.”

Stevenson said a lot of people stopped believing the NHL would return to Winnipeg, but it was the die-hard fans who made it happen, and now they’re looking to document their passion.

“There were a lot of people who gave up, but there were a lot more people who said, ‘No way, we’re going to keep fighting this fight.’ And when you’re passionate about something and you believe in something, it’s bound to end up happening.”

Those who want to contribute to the project can do so by donating funds to the film or participating in it as a fan. Some of the first participants will receive Jet Fuel memorabilia.

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