Tumblr This brochure for apartments in Weihai, China, has a photograph of Vancouver on the front.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, developers from the Chinese city Weihai just might have a crush on Vancouver.

A brochure for apartments called Bay Palace in Weihai uses a photo of Vancouver as seen from False Creek looking toward the Burrard Bridge, according to the blog of a Vancouverite living in Beijing who received the brochure in the mail last week.

It took Nicole Sy, who works as an editor, all of three seconds to realize that it was Vancouver, not Weihai, on the cover.

“Wow, I think. Weihai really is beautiful. It looks almost like Vancouver (where I’m from),” she wrote.

“Man, look at those mountains… Actually, this place looks a lot like Yaletown… there are boats, and that even looks like the Burrard Bridge… Hey, wait a sec, it IS the Burrard Bridge! That IS Yaletown!”

Sy, who couldn’t be immediately reached by Metro, questioned why a coastal city as naturally beautiful as Weihai would try to pass itself off as Vancouver.

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