Jennifer Gauthier/ Metro Yogi Omar stands at the corner of Pender and Hornby streets, the intersection where his generosity landed him $469 in cash.

A chance encounter at a bank on Wednesday night has given a Vancouver man a rent free Christmas.

Yogi Omar went to deposit some money at the Vancity Bank on Pender and Hornby at about midnight when he saw a homeless man standing outside.

The man approached Omar and asked for spare change. At first, Omar said no and started to walk away.

“I honestly don’t know happened to make me turn back. I just felt like saying something else,” said Omar, who co-owns InspirationALL Talent and Modeling Group, said on Thursday.

The two of them started talking and instead of offering change, Omar offered to buy the man food.

Instead, the man surprised the would be do-gooder by revealing he had no desire for change or food but wanted to help Omar out.

The man wasn’t homeless. Every year at Christmas, he and his family do random acts of kindness for strangers who offer kindness to them.

He asked Omar how he could help. Omar revealed that he had just purchased tickets to fly to Guangzhou, China to see his dad, who was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

“The guy then asked me how much my rent was, and I jokingly told him the full amount: $469 to be exact.

“Then he whipped out $469 in cash from his fanny-pack and handed it to me,” Omar said.

Omar described the man as a “pretty normal” man in his 50s with a scruffy beard. The man claimed to have been at the location since 10 p.m. and no one else had offered to help him out.

Omar said he drove home in a daze and wishes he could have thanked the man properly.

First thing this morning, he took his money to his landlord and shared his story on Facebook.

“I hope people see this and just share the love with people around them. Be kind and share the love.”

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