A man strikes a burning vehicle with a hockey stick during the June 15 Stanley Cup riot.

Crown prosecutors have approved 61 charges against 25 suspected Stanley Cup rioters, Vancouver police announced yesterday.

Integrated Riot Investigation Team Insp. Les Yeo said in a media release that the first approved charges represent just the beginning. “We will continue to work closely with the special prosecution team as even more charges are expected in the coming days and week,” he said.

The 61 charges stem from the initial batch of 163 charges that Vancouver police recommended to the Crown in October. Criminal Justice Branch spokesperson Neil MacKenzie said a team of five full-time prosecutors is still sifting through the initial batch of charges. “We’re continuing to analyze the 163 charges,” he said. “So far there have not been any charges that we will not proceed on.”

All of the accused rioters ‘ between the ages of 17 and 33 ‘ face charges of participating in a riot, along with lesser charges like arson, break and enter, assault, and mischief.

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