Crowds greet Michael Schratter as he arrives at Rogers Arena Saturday at the end of his 469-day cycle around the world to raise awareness about mental-health issues.

More than 200 people joined Michael Schratter on his bike ride Saturday to Rogers Arena from Tsawwassen and Richmond at the end of his worldwide bike journey.

Schratter left Vancouver Aug. 1, 2010, with the goal of cycling 40,000 kilometres and raising $100,000 in the name of mental-health issues like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

“It’s completely surreal to be where I am after almost a year and a half cycling around the world, waking up in small towns where I was the only foreigner locals had ever seen, to meeting amazing people who understood the mission I was on,” Schratter said.

Among the milestones noted during Schratter’s journey were drinking cobra blood vodka while cycling through Ha Noi in Vietnam and proposing to his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

The Vancouver school teacher was also detained by police in Argentina and saw termites fall from the sky like snow for 10 minutes in Thailand. Schratter cycled in daylight at 3 a.m. during the summer solstice in Finland and met a Nepalese man who had been biking since 2003.

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