Jen, left, and Sylvia Soska show off prosthetic props used in their first feature film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

Vancouver twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska have taken the next step in their quest to break through in the testosterone-filled world of horror films.

The Soska sisters say it has been a long journey since they made their Vancouver-filmed, low-budget bloodbath feature Dead Hooker in a Trunk in 2007.

But their hard work has paid off: U.S. distributor IFC Midnight picked up the film last month.

Their debut film will be showing across the U.S. and Canada in limited, special midnight theatrical screenings.

“We started making a fake trailer (for our final school project) and decided to show it,” Sylvia said. “Half of the audience walked out and the other half was laughing and cheering.”

After seeing the great response, the Soska sisters wrote the script within two weeks and maxed out their credit cards to make the full feature film.

They wrote, directed, produced, starred in and performed their own stunts for the film.

Now the pair are busy filming their second feature, American Mary, about a med student who gets involved in messy underground surgeries.

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