East Vancouver's Milan Lucic carries the Stanley Cup in Coal Harbour yesterday after a private celebration with friends and family on a boat cruise.

Milan Lucic was all smiles yesterday after he got off a private boat cruise with his friends and family, but his plans to parade hockey’s Holy Grail around his hometown didn’t go as planned.

According to media reports last week, Lucic’s plans for a public cup event were curtailed, perhaps due to some bruised feelings of some Canucks fans.

Instead, Lucic decided to keep his plans low-key.

He started his day off at the airport to pick up the Stanley Cup and then headed to the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Church. The East Vancouverite also stopped for a few minutes at Vancouver Fire Hall 4 to take pictures with some of the firefighters.

“Being in Vancouver and Boston winning, I guess it wasn’t a big thing for Milan to pronounce as it as anything big,” said Cpt. Al Chorney at Fire Hall 4.

“He didn’t want it to  look like he was rubbing it in everyone’s faces. Milan Lucic is a wonderful man.”

Lucic, along with his family, friends and some of his former Vancouver Giants teammates, then spent most of the day cruising along Coal Harbour, Stanley Park and False Creek.

When their boat drove by Granville Island, a huge crowd at the public market cheered him on when he hoisted the cup. They ended their day at Grouse Mountain for a private party.

Lucic had five goals and seven assists in the post-season to help the Bruins to their first Stanley Cup since 1972.

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