British Actor Charlie Bewley, in his running gear, on the seawall in Coal Harbour on Wednesday.

It’s not good enough for Charlie Bewley to get up at first light and run 42.2 kilometres in the upcoming BMO Vancouver Marathon, he has to get up pre-dawn and run a half marathon first.

The Twilight star – he plays Volturi vampire Demetri – plans to hit the pavement at the appalling hour of 4 a.m. to run a 64-kilometre ultra marathon in memory of a friend who died of cancer.

Jocelyn Clarke, who worked as Dakota Fanning’s stand-in on the set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, died on Valentine’s Day. She was 36.

Bewley said he called Clarke from Los Angeles when he heard about her terminal illness, and that the conversation had a huge impact on him.

“You must be so present at that point with life (when facing death),” he said.

“We surround ourselves with comfort everyday and we never really get to explore our inner strength. People just buzz along on a plateau and that for me is not living. (You should be) pushing yourself every day to become more.”

“My stomach fell out of me a bit (when I heard she’d died),” he said. “This challenge is to put myself in a high-stakes situation and to summon from deep strength I know I have in there.”

Between now and the race date – May 1 – Bewley is collecting funds to donate to the Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation which, together with the B.C. Cancer Agency, helped Jocelyn throughout her illness.

It was a no brainer, he said, to leverage his run to raise money for the organizations, to “turn it around and make it about whoever helped her the most.”

In support of Bewley’s run, Summit Entertainment has donated a private screening of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Donors will be entered into the draw for each dollar they contribute.

“(The ultra marathon) is not something I know I can do for sure,” he said. “It’s all about visiting that dark place and overcoming it and pushing my own mental and physical boundaries.”

“I expect to be running, walking and crawling over that finishing line.”

To donate to Run For Your Life, visit Charlie’s website here.

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