London's Christine Newland poses with Angel in Heaven, her portrait of Linda McCartney inspired by the song Maybe I'm Amazed.

Christine Newland ‘ Orchestra London’s principal cellist ‘ has traded her bow for dry pastels and created a portrait of Linda McCartney inspired by the Beatle’s music.

Newland’s piece, entitled Angel in Heaven, will be pitted against other works of art in a global competition that hopes to find an iconic visual representation of Paul McCartney’s music.

“I was watching the video (Maybe I’m Amazed) ‘ I’ve always loved that video,” Newland said. “I found myself getting really moved by it and emotional, and I thought about Paul and Linda’s relationship. I found myself inspired to do this portrait (of) her.”

In a sequence of events that can only be described as serendipitous, Newland created the portrait with no knowledge of the contest and finished the piece in one day. She then posted a picture of her work on McCartney’s Facebook fan page when she learned of the competition.

“A link was posted to this art contest and I thought, well, that is really weird,” Newland said. “(The artwork) was to be based on several videos and one of those videos was Maybe I’m Amazed.”

The winner of the contest will be revealed Oct. 5. McCartney will choose the winning piece from all qualified submissions and special consideration will be given to top-rated entries.

The public can vote for Newland’s work at

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