Right now developers are faced with a multitude of rules and policies ‘ many conflicting ‘ when they want to build downtown.

Andy Fillmore, HRM project manager, told council Tuesday the Regional Plan Five Year Review  (RP5+) and Centre Plan Phase One will change that.

He said the inconsistencies in height regulations, parking requirements, etc. are stifling development. Plus those policies are hopelessly outdated.

“We can do much better,” he said.

“The job of protecting neighbourhood identity would be difficult (with today’s policies).”

Fillmore added it will also help the municipality deal with the growth effects of the shipbuilding and off-shore exploration contracts.

The first public-input session for RP5+ is Thursday and the plan is expected to be completed by 2015.
But until then, Fillmore said, HRM staff will focus first on development hotspots.

And, until the plan is finished, developers will be able to choose to continue under current policies or under the new one as it matures.

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