Slated as the global day of protest, Occupy Nova Scotia will lead a rally on Saturday, Oct. 15, in downtown Halifax, with times and locations to be announced.

Halifax resident Dylan Sagar doesn’t typically call himself an activist.

But when Occupy Nova Scotia sprung up in town, a group roused by the democratic protests on Wall Street in New York City, he was inspired to get involved.

“Historically I’ve been more conservative and traditional. I wanted to make money,” said Sagar, one of several administrators of the group’s Facebook page.

But his time spent working for top dogs exposed him to corporate greed, he said. He said the group, much like its global sisters, is about giving a voice to “anyone who feels powerless,” and pressuring corporations and government to be more transparent.

The “people-powered movement” began on Sept. 17 when hundreds flooded the financial district of New York City, snowballing into thousands within days.

The world-wide phenomenon made its way to the region early last week after Dartmouth resident Devin Boudreau created the Facebook page. The group also has more than 500 Twitter followers.

Ellen Durkee made the hour-long trek from Middle Stewiacke to attend a meeting this week, and after her car broke down, stayed overnight to attend a few more.
She said our democracy is “at a turning point.”

“People need to get involved with this. Corporations and banks and money have way too much influence on our government, and they’re not listening to the voice of the people anymore,” she said.

A community outreach day will be held Saturday on the Halifax Common. Sagar said group members will also be hitting the streets distributing information and “starting conversations with people to find out what matters to them.”

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