Brad Marchand with the Stanley Cup as the parade goes past the Town Clock yesterday.

Tim Wentzell went further than waving a Boston Bruins flag at the Brad Marchand parade yesterday ‘ he brought along a two-metre-tall Stanley Cup replica.

“We made it for a Canada Day parade at home and it made it all the way from Lunenburg (yesterday),” he said with his cup on the back of his pickup truck.

The replica, made out of a barrel, a tub and a lot of aluminum foil, barely survived two weeks on his lawn this summer when some friends who are Habs fans bashed it up.

Among the sea of black-and-gold partiers who turned out yesterday to see the Hammonds Plains forward celebrate with the cup were a few brave souls wearing Canadiens colours.

“I’m just supporting the NHL in general regardless of the jersey you wear,” said Matthew Burgar who, along with his Habs jersey, also sported red-and-blue face paint.

“We’ve won more Stanley Cups since ’67 so that matters more, I think. … I’m not a big fan of the Bruins but I don’t hate them too much.”

He said several people told him he was wearing the wrong jersey yesterday but he just shrugged it off.

Carl McDermott’s love affair with the Bruins was passed on from his father.

“The Maritimes are full of them (Bruins fans),” he said.

Sidney Crosby, who was mobbed by thousands of fans in his parade in Cole Harbour in 2009, may be more popular, but the Bruins are more beloved here than the Pittsburgh Penguins, McDermott said.

“When you get a combination of a local boy and the Bruins, it’s a pretty good combination.”

Quotes from the Stanley Cup celebration

• “No, no … I don’t drink.” ‘ Marchand, when a fan suggests he have “a few drinks” from the cup.

• “I’ll probably be in bed by 10.” ‘ On last night’s party.

• “I don’t know if I want to give it to him because I’m scared it’s not going to come back.” ‘ On handing the cup over to Michael Ryder.

• “It’s a lot of fun at times but you have to watch what you’re doing in public.” ‘ On having the spotlight on him.

• “Obviously you know singing isn’t in our family.” ‘ Marchand’s sisters, Becky and Melissa, after jokingly rapping Black and Yellow.

– Matthew Wuest

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