A protester pushes a shopping cart through a row of police officers on Saturday in Halifax.

Occupy Nova Scotia protesters say they will continue their protest even after this weekend’s eviction from HRM parks and subsequent string of arrests.

Occupy Nova Scotia spokesperson Ian Matheson says the group is now looking for places they can occupy without interference from the city.

“We feel we’re continuing to occupy now ‘ in that occupy is a broad term that we’re using to refer to reclaiming of public places and ideas,” said Matheson.

But the group’s plans don’t stop there.

Matheson says the group will speak with lawyers about their protest rights and alleged incidents of excessive force used by police. For their part, police say no complaints have been filed against them so far and they will continue to enforce bylaw P-600 ‘ used to evict the protesters over the weekend.

But the protesters believe their constitutionally entrenched rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly should trump that city bylaw.

“They’re certainly allowed to protest peacefully wherever they may choose to do that,” said HRP spokeswoman Theresa Rath. “They’re not allowed to set up a campground.” 

Matheson said they don’t predict another eviction because the group wants to ensure they are on firm legal ground if they set up camp.

Even though the eviction has scattered many occupiers across the city, the group says this weekend’s events made them stronger.

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