Metallica frontman James Hetfield roars into the microphone during the band's opening song Creeping Death during Thursday night's show on the Garrison Grounds.

James Hetfield didn’t really need to ask.

“Halifax, are you with us? Metallica is with you.”

Thousands gathered on the Garrison Grounds Thursday night to hear the rock legends rock the hill. Rainy skies began to clear at about 8 p.m. The last opening act, New York’s Coheed and Cambria, did an admirable high-energy job. But after their set, when Clint Eastwood appeared on three giant screens behind the stage and a Western tune filled the air, the crowd erupted.

Many seemed puzzled by the first song ‘ Creeping Death, from 1984’s Ride the Lightning ‘ but it didn’t dampen their enthusiasm. Most had been standing in the rain and mud for hours. And Metallica did not disappoint.

“Rain, no rain. Sun, no sun. We create our own,” shouted Hetfield, the frontman, with every word eliciting cheers.

From there it was all pyrotechnics and crowd-pleasers. The band launched into For Whom the Bell Tolls, and the crowd recognized it immediately, throwing up the horns and banging their fists along to the beat.

“I hope you like the old ones,” Hetfield said with a smile.

The crowd certainly let him know their preference, as the band then launched into the title track from Ride the Lightning.

Metallica tweets

  • @ToddNS: Metallica was epic!! My first time seeing them and it was awesome!
  • @ShawnWoodford: Metallica shaking the foundations in #Halifax. Thunderous. Great concert.
  • @ChantalLevesque: Great show #Metallica! #Halifax or should I say MetHalifax had a great time
  • @edgarnormous: Metallica Rocked the Hill tonight; nuff said.
  • @JonPerryDAL: I can hear #Metallica out at my home in Spryfield. The bass is literally shaking our house.
  • @smistephen: It is Metallica. There is fire. There are guitars. There is excellence.
  • @TinTinPlumber: @Metallica thanks for putting on an epic show for my bachelor party :)
  • @giftedtypist: If we asked politely, I wonder if Metallica would turn it down – I can’t hear my TV program.

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