Andrea Martin portrays Edith Prickley in this undated publicity handout photo.

It started at an editorial meeting at Avenue Magazine last fall, when discussing an upcoming comedy issue.

Fast-forward to this week, where an online petition at the magazine’s website to support the creation of an SCTV monument is gathering plenty of attention and more than 300 signatures in two days.

“It’s early in the process, but we’re humbled by the enthusiastic response,” says Avenue editor Steven Sandor.

“We’d be happy if we make Edmontonians think of our achievements in something other than sports. Those are great, but why not memorialize the thinkers and entertainers, too?”

Petition signers seem to agree. “It’d be nice to see the city get some ink for something other than hockey and murder rates,” says a petition respondent.

“This would be something for our city to show off … we need to make a big deal of it. Edmonton could use this as a calling card,” Sandor adds.

For more information on the petition and plans to bring it to city hall, see

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