Getty Images/Gary Gershoff In this stock photo from London, England, is pictured Dominique, a well-treated Bulldog puppy.

Dogs: More than $28,700

The life expectancy of a dog varies by breed, but in North America and Europe, you can expect your dog to keep kicking for 13 years. Based on Ontario Veterinary Medical Association calculations, owning a 40-pound dog for 13 years will cost more than $28,700. The estimate takes into account annual vaccines, veterinary bills, food and pet insurance costs.

Cats: More than $24,000

Like dogs, cats’ lifespans vary. According to the ASPCA, the average house cat lives for 13 to 17 years. Using OVMA’s calculations, a 10-pound cat that lives to 15-years-old will cost more than $24,000 in vet bills, food and other costs.

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