Calgary Flames No. 6 Cory Sarich couldn't stop the shot by Townsend Tigers No. 19 Christian during the 27th annual Townsend Tigers vs the Calgary Flames game at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

They needed the two points, according to Flames centre Craig Conroy, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  Not against this team.

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Townsend Tigers clawed their way to an early lead on the Calgary Flames at the Ed Whalen gymnasium and held on to defeat the visitors in the 27th annual wheelchair hockey match between the two teams.

Flames forward Eric Nystrom said despite the loss, the Flames come back year after year.

“The kids love it and we love it so it’s just a win-win situation all around,” Nystrom said,
Rebecca Mason was beaming with pride after each goal as proud family members snapped pictures.

“Oh, my nephew has been so excited, this is an amazing experience for him. And for us, it’s just so nice to see,” she said.

Townsend Tiger Logan Kroeker, 13, said his favourite part of the experience was beating the Flames.

“We beat them every year. It’s just exciting to get to play against the Flames and even more fun to beat them,” he said.

Alberta Children’s Hospital vice-president Margaret Fullerton said she is amazed with the Flames for taking part in the game each year.

“It means so much to these kids who go through so much each day and then they get to come out here and really enjoy themselves,” Fullerton said. 

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