Metro/file photo Tara McLaughlin with Apocalypse Wars is seen here in her finest undead get-up.

Much of the human race has been lost.

Hordes of sprinting zombies have descended on Calgary’s St. Patrick’s Island, desperately thirsting for flesh from a few remaining survivors.

But somewhere on that very same island is a glimmer of hope ‘ a cure that went down with a biplane. The race is on, who will prevail?

That scenario is what one Calgary entrepreneur hopes will draw hundreds to her charity event of the undead kind.

Deemed Apocalypse Wars, Tara McLaughlin said she is simply feeding ‘- pun intended ‘ off the pop-culture zombie craze in hopes of doing good for children support organizations.

“It’s just about people getting out and having a good time,” she said.

Similar to a giant game of capture the flag, zombies would outnumber humans three-to-one. Humans will have the ability to hunt the undead ‘ ripping off flags to slow their mobility to a stagger and, eventually, a crawl ‘ but also run the risk of joining the horde themselves. Social networking site Yelp will be onsite “infecting” zombies with makeup and accessories.

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