Metro file photo Mayor Naheed Nenshi urged Calgarians to stay off the roads as much as possible Tuesday.

It should go without saying, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi went ahead and said it anyway: Don’t go out boating during the Calgary flood.

“The river is closed. You cannot boat on the river,” the mayor, looking exasperated, said Saturday night. “I have a large number of nouns I could use to describe the people I saw in a canoe in the Bow River today. I am not allowed to use any of them.”

While it may seem obvious, the mayor said some thrill-seekers seem intent on testing their luck on the raging waterways, which he described as “selfish and ridiculous” at a time like this.

“If you’re on the river we have to rescue you. If we have to rescue you, we are taking away valuable resources from others,” Nenshi said. “Every time we have to put a rescue boat onto the river, it means there is not a rescue boat in a community that is flooded.”

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