Metro Calgary / Robson Fletcher Cool Runnings star Leon Robinson signs an autograph for Calgarian Joann Shannon at the Plaza Theatre on Sunday.

It was like 1993 all over again on Sunday, as hundreds of people packed the Plaza Theatre to catch a screening of Cool Runnings.

This time, however, two of the movie’s stars were on hand to sign autographs beforehand and answer questions afterward.

During the screening, though, Leon Robinson and Doug E. Doug opted to grab a drink from the nearby Jugo Juice in Kensington.

“Last night I watched it, and I was like ‘OK, that’s enough,’” Doug explained. “You start to get critical of yourself. You’re not watching what people are watching. You’re just thinking, ‘Wow, my head looks big. My dreadlocks look messy.’”

Joann Shannon was a big fan of the movie when it first came out and thrilled Sunday to get the stars’ signatures on a sweatshirt from Calgary’s 1988 Olympic Games.

“My mom was a volunteer at the Winter Olympics,” she said. “She bought the shirt for me so I’ve been hanging on to it all this time.”

The Reel Fun Film Festival put on 20th anniversary screening of Calgary-set movie about the famed Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Olympics.

Festival director Cathy McKee said the screening was a natural fit for a city that loves and remembers the movie so well.

“I have four children ranging from 26 to 15, and they have done that bathtub scene I don’t know how many times – practicing the turns – and they can say every single line from the movie,” she said.

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