Matthew Horne, owner of Deco Windshield Repair, said people seem happy to see their kiosks set up around the city and his company has already repaired a couple hundred windshields just this past week.

Jessica Nelson knows exactly where she chipped her windshield – it was on her way to work driving down Deerfoot Trail. 

Now that warm temperatures have melted away all the snow, deposits of gravel line many major roadways like Deerfoot. 

While the city is planning a spring cleanup starting April 18, gravel on roadways is something Calgarians will have to brave for the next few weeks and even months.

City transportation spokesperson Derek Heric explained that while a cleanup will begin this month it will run until the end of June. 

The process will involve an estimated 80,000 hours of work.

“We’ve never gone into neighbourhoods so extensively to deal with snow and ice so – though we can’t quantitatively say – there is likely more (gravel on the roads) than in the past,” added Heric.

Laura Horne of Deco Windshield Repair has noticed a definite spike in repairs this month. 

With over 30 locations in the city, Deco is repairing about 10 to 15 windshields daily at each of their orange tents.  

“It’s hard to prevent a chip – anyone who has driven down Deerfoot knows that,” added Horne – something Nelson can attest to.

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