Ploughman's Sandwich and Creamy Organic Songberry Farm Butternut Squash Soup.

The Red Apron
564 Gladstone Ave.

Price Range: $

Not only can you subscribe to a meal service from The Red Apron, but you can dine lavishly on sandwiches and soups at their storefront during lunchtime.

Behind the counter, the open kitchen is buzzing with activity. As for lunching, you can either grab one of the stools along the counter at the window or take your lunch to go.

The menu changes regularly, but on a recent day I had a choice of a Greek or Ploughman’s sandwich.
The roast beef in the Ploughman was tender and flavourful. A generously thick slice of aged cheddar sat on fresh bread that was slathered with chutney and Dijon. A slice of sweet, homemade pickle provided the perfect crunch and completed this carefully curated medley.

The butternut squash soup was lightly flavoured, creamy and silky. And the chocolate chip cookie was chewy on the inside and slightly crunchy on the edges – perfect.

When you want a quick brown-bag lunch or a luscious take-home dinner, head to The Red Apron.

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