Victor Rubilar hopes to better two of his four soccer ball-related world records in Halifax this week.

The magic in his show, said Victor Rubilar, is how he can take an ordinary object — in this case a soccer ball — and turn it into the extraordinary.


“I like the fact I use an everyday object,” said the freestyle soccer juggler. He is among the performers taking part in the Halifax International Busker Festival this week.

“People can relate to it. Everybody knows how much a football weighs, everybody knows how hard the tricks are. They may not have tried them, but they have tried to kick a football.”

A native of Buenos Aires, Rubilar holds four soccer ball-related world records.

He has them for juggling five soccer balls at once, for spinning a ball on his forehead for nearly 20 seconds, and travelling 298 metres while balancing a soccer ball on his forehead.

He is also the record holder for being able to balance a ball on the left side of his head, and then tilt his head so the ball rests on the right side. He did it 43 times.

During the busker festival, Rubilar hopes to top that trick by repeating the movement 60 times, and also walk 300 metres while balancing a soccer ball on his head.

While Rubilar grew up playing soccer, he never performed tricks with the balls.

“I started doing magic, but everyone I knew was doing the same tricks, so I wanted to find something new,” he said.

He saw a guy doing stuff  with a football and made a realization.

“I thought, ‘No one is doing any real tricks with this stuff.'”

He started working with soccer balls, and later attended the National School of Contemporary Arts — called Circus Cirkör — where he learned to take his act to the next level. His show utilizes everything he has learned.

 “It is not only the physical skills, it is also the performance skills,” Rubilar said.

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