Celebrate all the greatness of zombies this Sunday with the Edmonton Zombeers.

Oh it’s coming people. Michael Jackson’s Thriller warned us about it in the ’80s, a book has even been written about how to survive it, and now there is a beer night celebrating it. Edmonton Zombeers is in its fifth edition and is taking place at Original Joes (8404 – 109 St.) on Sunday,  at 7:30 p.m.

Who knew the zombie phenomenon would become so mainstream? I reluctantly admit that I’ve gotten caught up in the water cooler fantasy scenario talk about who’s likely to survive? Get axed first? What to do if you are being chased by a zombie.?You know, the basics.

With all this talk of impending doom for 2012 when the Mayan calendar expires and we are sure to face our demise, all things zombie have naturally taken centre stage. What was once an underground following of nerdy guys in faded rock band T-shirts that spent most of their time in their mom’s undeveloped basements, has turned into regular conversation, popular blogs, and blockbuster movies. I will forever be on edge thanks to I Am Legend.

Perhaps what perks our fascination with zombies is the plausibility of it. Not the literal undead per se, but our societies’ continual insatiable hunger for rapid cures, technological advances and control. At what point do we lose control by having gone too far? Zombeers tease these thoughts and more during their casual meet-ups and movie previews.

This week’s guests get to pick the movie through an online poll. Brought to you by hosts Adam Rozenhart and Trevor Belsher, this spine-tingling evening is full of good company and good prizes donated by Rue Morgue. While tickets are free, you still have to sign up on www.eventbrite.com.

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