A pepperoni, bacon, mushroom and tomato pizza cone was $5.50.
  • Ombrella Pizza Cones
  • 527 Bronson Ave. (and Arlington)
  • (613) 695-7667
  • No website
  • Hours of operation: Mon. to Sun. 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
  • Rating ***
  • Price range $$
  • Reservations: No
  • Lunch with co-workers
  • Licensed: No
  • Cash only

Pizza in a cone. It’s novel. It’s original. It’s fresh. But is it tasty?

Set on the corner of Bronson and Arlington sits the only pizza cone business in Canada, an idea imported from Italy. The restaurant still looks like it’s settling in, with boxes in the corner and unfinished walls that need more paint.

Lined up behind the counter are many tubs of ingredients, including broccoli, spinach, jalapeño, olives, meatballs, salami, and so on. Unless you’re in a pizza rut, making a decision about what to put in your cone is difficult.

A few squirts of sauce, handfuls of ingredients, a topping of grated mozzarella, another squirt of sauce, and my cone was ready to pop into a hot oven for three minutes.

My taste buds met with a touch of disappointment. The pizza crust was lacking that yeasty, doughy taste. Fortunately, the fresh ingredients helped to camouflage the biscuit-tasting crust.

Even though it wasn’t really good, it was pretty good. And definitely unique.

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