Alexander Skarsgård, originaly from Stockholm, Sweden, plays vampire Eric Northman in the popular HBO series True Blood.

Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd has a tan. That’s what happens when you’re living in Los Angeles, he explains.

 He is still looking for an apartment in Venice Beach, where friends from True Blood Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, already live.

“It is one of the few areas in Los Angeles where you can actually walk around. I’m used to my friends living only a few blocks away and meeting in local bars and I miss that,” says the True Blood star.

After having played “the tall blond hunk” in enough movies in Sweden, SkarsgÃ¥rd moved to Hollywood where he landed roles in HBO war drama Generation Kill and vampire-based hit series True Blood.

Since the move, he has gone from unemployed to celebrity.

And the attention is intense across in California, he said.

“You drive everywhere in L.A., so you sit protected in your little bubble of steel.

“But after season two of True Blood I noticed quite a big difference. Of course I see that stuff is written about me, but I never read fan sites and blogs. I don’t think it’s good for me,” he said.

“If it is negative, I know that it will weigh on me or else you only read the positive stuff and your ego sort of swells up and explodes.”

The rumours about Alexander’s love life are rampant, and he’s been linked to co-stars Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosworth.

“There’s not a single young girl that I know in Hollywood that I have not been paired with.
“But that’s what happens if I get into a taxi with a girl, suddenly we’re married.”

So far, he’s convinced fame and fortune have not changed him.

“Nothing would hurt me more than if someone told me that I’d changed. But I do not think so. I was still over 30 when things started to happen for me in the U.S.”

Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd on …
• Kate Bosworth, co-star in Straw Dogs: “She is incredibly strong in this film. She really threw herself out there and took a risk. I have lot respect for her, not that many beautiful Hollywood babes would dare to. She is a super smart, cool girl.”

• Lady Gaga, co-star in the music video for Paparazzi: “We only worked together for a day. It was mad. She is a bit out there, but she’s also very driven.”

• Evan Rachel Wood, co-star on True Blood: “She is really one of her generation’s best actresses, terribly clever. I think she’ll become one of the greatest of her generation.”

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