Jodi Brown, Metro's vice-president of marketing and interactive, left, is pictured with her fiancé, Matt Peacock.

When Jodi Brown finally decided to accept Matt Peacock’s wedding proposal, the social media aficionado wanted to say ‘yes’ in a way that was unique, memorable and “fit with who I am.”

Jodi is vice-president of marketing and interactive at Metro News, has two boys, Jaden, 14, and Callum, 9, and she’s a huge fan of social media.

Metro readers are likely familiar with Jodi ­- she shared her cancer story in the paper last fall (and she’s doing great now!).

After hearing a social media expert talk about how you can micro-target advertising messages on Facebook, she decided she would accept Matt’s proposal digitally by creating a Facebook ad that would be guaranteed to be read by him.  

“By using ‘targeted qualifiers,’ you can actually target the campaign to reach just a few people,” Jodi said.

Matt is the love of her life. They hit it off instantly when they met at a business function in September 2010.

“We both have high-energy personalities … we’re outgoing and active and we love to travel. And, we have the same goals,” she said.  

But after dating for two months, Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought he might not stick around because of it but that wasn’t the case.

Matt stayed by her side through surgery and treatment. Since moving in with Jodi and her kids last July, he has proposed a few times.  

‘Yes I’ll Marry You Matt’ was the headline Jodi used in the Facebook advertising campaign along with a picture and a short blurb about how she felt.

While she figured it might take him a week to see, it took Matt just five minutes on the day the campaign was launched to notice it on his Facebook page.

“Then it took him 10 minutes to update his relationship to engaged,” Jodi said.

She says the campaign ran just for the one day, and seven people including Matt saw it an average of 12 times each. At the end of the day, the campaign cost her three cents in total – for every thousand times the ad showed up, the price was one dollar.

Since the ad appeared, the couple has received hundreds of messages of congratulations and advice on Facebook.

Now they are pinning down the date (either September 2012 or May 2013) and starting to plan.

“And of course, social media will play a role in the planning of the wedding … there’s just no way it won’t,” Jodi said.

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