Window blinds can help save you money on energy costs.

Boosting your home’s insulation can be a daunting, expensive task: sealing cracks, replacing doors and windows, ripping walls apart to add more fibre glass.

If that’s making you cringe, there are simpler solutions.

It turns out you can cut expenditures like air conditioning by as much as 50 per cent with a simple, humble, old-school product – the window blind.

“Glass lets heat or cold penetrate from the outside to the inside, and vice versa, very easily,” says Steve Kleihege, a product management specialist at

“You need something – another barrier – to stop that from happening.”

We’re not talking about a simple roll-up piece of vinyl or plastic here. Sophisticated design and natural ingredients make a huge difference in how much money and energy you can save.

“When I think of eco-friendly window products, I like ones that are manufactured out of products naturally grown from the earth, that don’t contaminate anything in the air, and can be recycled,” Kleihege explains. 

Bamboo blinds put an attractive, natural barrier between your home and the sun’s heat.  But if you really want to cut your electricity bill, cellular shades are the way to go. 

“These products are manufactured out of fabric.  They have pockets formed in the blind that help trap air, which stops the heat or the cold coming from the outside into your room.  For best savings, your shade would need to be lowered on every window, especially during the day.  And in the evening time when the heat isn’t so bad, you can always raise them up.”

Window glass is a spectacularly efficient transmitter of heat. The biggest window-blind savings come from exterior products, which block the sunlight before it even reaches your glass.

“You have roller shades, which are like screens, and you can also have permanent stationary screens on the outside,” says Kleihege. 

“That is probably the most energy-efficient shade out there. If the heat never touches the glass, it will never get to your room.”

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