Tomato bisque and panini with turkey and spicy cranberry salsa.

Lazy Pickle
1809 Carling Ave.
Price range: $
Rating: ****1/2   

A new lunch spot has opened up on Carling Avenue catering to gluten-free and made-from-scratch food lovers.

Offering a handful of specialty grocery items and a few tables for dining in, this spot is serving up some of its favourite recipes with a charming authenticity. One of the soups of the day was tomato bisque. It had chunks of tomatoes and was perked with allspice. Though not overly creamy, it was smooth and rich.

I ordered the special panini of the day, pressed to order: Turkey with spicy cranberry salsa.

Pieces of turkey from a freshly-roasted bird were sandwiched between fresh Italian bread and slathered with sweet but tongue-tickling cranberry salsa.

It was a perfect combination of flavours.

For dessert, I couldn’t resist chocolate cheesecake decorated with caramel and maraschino cherries. It reminded me of Nanaimo bars in cheesecake form and was worth the splurge.

The people behind Lazy Pickle are by no means lazy. They make everything from scratch. And it shows.

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