From left, Charlotte Gray, David Adams Richards, Jane Urquhart and Adrienne Clarkson will all be presenters on the Citytv series Extraordinary Canadians.

Glenn Gould, Emily Carr, Norman Bethune, Pierre Trudeau and L.M. Montgomery have something in common.

They are extraordinary Canadians.

Canada is a land of pioneering, spirited and determined citizens; we are world class artists, scientists, doctors, statesmen, activists, writers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and, of course, comedians.
Extraordinary Canadians shape our national identity and international reputation as a humane, peaceful nation of progressive thinkers.

Producer Kenneth Hirsch celebrates that ideal in a Citytv series, based on Penguin Canada’s acclaimed biography collection Extraordinary Canadians.

Each episode features a renowned author presenting one of 12 figures who made a difference, since the earliest days of Canada’s nationhood.

The 12-part series Extraordinary Canadians, introduced by John Ralston Saul and narrated by Holly O’Brien, will air Sundays beginning this weekend on Citytv at 8.30 p.m. ET/PT and repeat on The Biography Channel, Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT, premiering Saturday, Oct. 29.

It will debut in Mandarin, Hindi and Italian on OMNI Television in spring 2012.

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