Fusia Dog ($6.95).

Fusia Dog

  • 65 Duncan St.
  • 647-274-7303
  • fusiadog.com
  • Reservations: No
  • Quick solo lunch:?Yes
  • Rating:?5 out of 5

Vancouver has long had a gourmet hot dog scene, so it’s about time Toronto got one, too.

You can thank the beautiful owner of Fusia Dog, Dinah Koo, who also happens to work behind the counter.

This little slip of a place in the Entertainment District offers a tight menu of hotdogs and wraps, a couple intriguing salads and homemade potato chips.

Kim chi is an ingredient of the moment, and it shines in the Fusia Dog ($6.95) a paratha-wrapped snappy sensation, garnished with daikon carrot salad, wasabi mayo and coriander. The Chop Suey Dog ($6.95) – with stir fried veggies, hoisin “ketchup” and hickory sticks – offers an explosion of tastes that are unusual and comforting.

Homemade potato chips ($2.95) are crispy, salty perfection.

Someone’s in the tiny kitchen with Dinah. And thank goodness because what you’ve got right here is a mouth-watering, finger-lickin’ addiction.

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