Shari Goodman German Jäger Schnitzel ($8.99).

Schnitzel Works
1400 Cyrville Rd.

Rating: 3.5/5
Price range: $
Reservations: Yes
Client negotiations: Yes
Lunch with co-workers: Yes
Social lunch: Yes
Quick solo lunch: Yes

Schnitzel Works is a gem located in an industrial park with a car wash, a dealership and the now closed Direct Buy as neighbours. Inside, the walls are brilliantly painted, the tables are quickly cleaned, and the windows make it bright even on a dull day.

A variety of schnitzel options inspired by different countries await our decision. The waitress tells us that women tend to choose the lighter ones (Austrian with its simple squeeze of lemon) and men choose the heavier ones (Canadian with bacon and cheddar).

Not wanting to fit into the stereotype and seeking out the mushroom option, I choose the German Jäger Schnitzel.

In no time our lunches arrive. A large thin, just-fried pork schnitzel laid on a fresh white bun, topped with lettuce, a tomato slice, thick dill pickle and the large sliced mushrooms with sauce. Is it fork fare or sandwich? I choose fork.

The verdict? It was substantial and almost too big for one person. The only complaint: not enough salt.

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